By sharing your experience you can help us advocate to improve healthcare for everyone

We hear numerous reports about Comox Valley seniors who did not receive timely and adequate diagnosis, care and/or treatment when admitted to the hospital including emergency care.  Many are concerned that ageism was a factor.  Seniors also report challenges following Island Health’s patient complaint procedure and unsatisfactory results.  In many cases, the complaints are never resolved.

Elders Take Action (ETA) reported several incidents to the Island Health Board Public Forum held in Courtenay on March 29, 2018 and has since followed up with local healthcare management.  Seniors Voices is working with ETA and providing this online forum to collect information about the public’s experience so we may better advocate for improvements.

By sharing your experience you can help us in our efforts to advocate for:

  • improved quality of healthcare which in turn reduces the need for complaints,
  • respectful treatment for seniors,
  • providing patients, particularly seniors, with pathway advocacy support to resolve concerns while in care,
  • a patient complaint procedure that is clearly communicated, accessible and user friendly, and
  • an investigation and resolution process for all patient complaints that is working and contributing to improving the quality of healthcare for everyone.

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