Community Needs and Priorities Project

For years we have attempted to find out the real care needs for seniors in the Valley. For example, we would get different numbers about those needing residential care from Island Health officials or from front line workers. Similarly, the waiting “list” either does or does not exist: Island Health says there is no list, but the Seniors’ Advocate tallies one.

So the people who best know what is really going on are you, residents of Comox Valley. Please help us advocate for better seniors’ healthcare.  By providing us with information on your own experience it allows us to collect and aggregate data to identify serious issues and advocate for solutions to improve healthcare for everyone.

To help navigate Island Health’s website to make a complaint or send a compliment we have outlined some steps here.

Please tell us your story about your experience with seniors’ residential, home or community care or as a senior as a hospital patient. This will tell us what needs are in the valley and help us to be better advocates.  We promise to maintain your confidentiality.  We will only include your story with your approval of what we may say and how we will protect your confidentiality.  If you prefer to provide your information by phone, please email us under Contact Us so we may call you.  Thank you for providing your story so that together we can advocate for better seniors healthcare for our community as a whole.  We encourage you to continue to advocate for yourself directly with your healthcare provider. We regret that we are unable to advocate for your specific personal concern as we are not health professionals.


Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. The information you provide will help us be better advocates. To receive updates please subscribe as shown on the right.


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