At the end of September 2019, the Medical Health Officer asked the Board of Islabnd Health to appoint a public administrator to Comox Valley Seniors Village.

The families had sent letters to the responsible officials, filed complaints with licensing, and eventually started a letter writing campaign (now ceased) to the CEO of Island Health.

Here are some of the many missives the families sent before Island Health finally acted.

More information about the situation at Comox Valley Seniors Village

In May a group of Comox Valley Seniors Village families started to ask Island Health to take over operations at this facility. Despite efforts by the families and Island Health, over several months, the situation did not improved. The Licensing Office took the unusual next step to put conditions on this facility’s license.

Following a 28 day Norovirus outbreak during which three residents died, the families sent a letter to Island Health on March 13, 2019 that described several serious issues about the facility’s failures to follow outbreak protocols and provide appropriate care. A second letter was sent on May 20. It expressed concern that Island Health corrective efforts were proving futile and asked them to take over its operations.

In the past two years, there have been as many as 22 separate Licensing contraventions- for a range of issues from wound care to lack of fall prevention planning. The families believe that there are many more issues not evident during Licensing investigations. Some are possibly due to unreliable records. Taken in their totality, these issues suggest to them that there is an endemic problem with Retirement Concepts’ operation of this facility and that the health and safety of the residents is clearly not of paramount concern.

On July 9, as problems persist and concerns are mounting, the families sent a third letter to Island Health asking again for them to take over the facility and if not, take several immediate, remedial actions.

On July 13, the families launched a letter campaign. Hundreds of Comox Valley residents responded to the call for help.

The families have now organized and expanded to include friends and supporters from the Comox Valley Community and are calling themselves: Crying Out Loud for quality seniors care!

2 thoughts on “Family Intervention: Comox Valley Seniors Village

  1. Not only am I concerned about the unsatisfactory conditions our seniors have to contend with in the Seniors Village – especially those with no family nearby to speak for them – but now in my nineties, I am afraid what I will have to put up with when I have to be a resident there. Let’s hope that if enough of us complain, it will force our government to once again be responsible for the well being of their seniors. And I hope all those who voted for a government that privatized so many of our vital corporations such as Hospitals, Ferries and Seniors homes, rather than be responsible for them, will realize how tragic the results are.

  2. I have completed your online letter. Both my wife’s mother and my mother (Edmonton) have died from complications with forms of dementia. We had a terrible experience at the old Travellers Lodge in Nanaimo and as we lived in Greater Victoria, advocated for my wife’s mother to be brought down to the Bentwood BC area. We can tell you that two model places for those with need after diagnosis of dementia are Brentwood House and Slugget House. They are both 16 bed units and are perfect for Ambulatory clients. I make you aware of these so that you might have an example of great facilities on our Vancouver Island. All the best with your good resolve. Bill Heuman

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