We are seniors and friends of seniors living in the Comox Valley who have become increasingly concerned about the state of seniors’ health services for our community and for the province of British Columbia. From blatant ageism in the allocation of resources and the treatment of elders in everyday life, to the lack of support for caregivers and the shortage of residential care beds for those who are breaking under the load, we have decided to lend our not-yet-retired talents and experience to creating a voice for seniors.  A voice especially intended for those of us who are least able to advocate for themselves.

We invite you to help us in our current efforts focused on seniors healthcare for the Comox Valley to advocate for:

  • an adequate supply of healthcare beds
  • improved quality of healthcare which in turn reduces the need for complaints,
  • respectful treatment for seniors,
  • providing patients, particularly seniors, with pathway advocacy support to resolve concerns while in care,
  • a patient complaint procedure that is clearly communicated, accessible and user friendly, and
  • an investigation and resolution process for all patient complaints that is working and contributing to improving the quality of healthcare for everyone.

And we welcome the opportunity to work with you in support of other matters important to the quality of life for our seniors.

We plan to do this using the tools of research and journalism, with public outreach as the product, lending to the changes that we and coming generations need to see.