Contact List

Comox Valley Seniors Healthcare Download a PDF of this contact listDownload Provincial Government and Island Health Email ContactsSeniors Voices Comox Valley 2019.07.30 The Honourable John Horgan Premier PO BOX 9041 STN PROV GOVT VICTORIA, BC V8W 9E1 Ronna-Rae LeonardMLA The Honourable Adrian Dix Minister of Health PO BOX 9050 STN PROV GOVT VICTORIA, … Continue reading Contact List

Ontario for-profit care homes

An Assembly Line of Care - Care workers in Ontario long term care homes - 32 minutes per shift doing paperwork CTV W5 feature on a threatened class action lawsuit November 2, 2019. Also includes other sources on for-profit residential care

Port Alice Health Centre

The latest chapter on the Island Health changes being implemented for Port Alice from the community's perspective: A recent editorial on the Port Alice Health Centre This is a long read from the Port Alice News and Views, Facebook, January 27, 2018 DOn February 21, 2015, the Neucel Mill in Port Alice went into … Continue reading Port Alice Health Centre