A brief summary of what we know about Retirement Concepts

Note: RC = Retirement Concepts, VIHA = Vancouver Island Health Authority Download this document as a word file A brief history of RCDownload Retirement Concepts started in 1988, when father Abdul Jamal, a business man from Tanzania, became partner and then owner, of McIntosh Lodge, a failing 55 bed seniors’ residence in Chilliwack. The facility … Continue reading A brief summary of what we know about Retirement Concepts

It takes a Valley to fix a Village

All of the hard work on the part of families, friends and Valley residents has resulted in Island Health, in particular the Medical Health Officer Charmaine Enns, assuming the administration of Comox Valley Seniors Village for at least 6 months. The members of Crying Out Loud want to thank all concerned, from our MLA Ronna … Continue reading It takes a Valley to fix a Village

Recent national reports

Ontario Nurses Association Presentation to Public Inquiry into Long-term Care Homes, September 2018 Advancing Inclusion and Quality of Life for Seniors  House of Commons Standing Committee on Human Resources, Skills and Social Development and the Status of Persons with Disabilities Report Canadian Medical Association Report to the Standing Committee National Seniors Strategy: National Institute on … Continue reading Recent national reports


George Le Masurier's decafnation frequently covers healthcare issues in addition to other news stories of importance to residents of the Comox Valley.  To read decafnation and a section dedicated to local healthcare news: Decafnation covered our response to the January 2019 award of the residential care beds under the March 2018 Request for Proposals: https://decafnation.net/2019/01/22/comox-valley-seniors-group-says-new-beds-fall-short/

Contact List

Comox Valley Seniors Healthcare Download a PDF of this contact listDownload Provincial Government and Island Health Email ContactsSeniors Voices Comox Valley 2019.07.30 The Honourable John Horgan Premier PO BOX 9041 STN PROV GOVT VICTORIA, BC V8W 9E1 premier@gov.bc.ca Ronna-Rae LeonardMLA Courtenay-ComoxRonna-Rae.Leonard.MLA@leg.bc.ca The Honourable Adrian Dix Minister of Health PO BOX 9050 STN PROV GOVT VICTORIA, … Continue reading Contact List